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Steamed Hake with baby vegetables

Since my girlfriend absolutely adores fish, I try to cook as much fish as I can and it is about time that I put one of my recipes down on paper. Among my favourite fish to cook are; monkfish, catfish, whiting, blossom and hake.

Hake (Lýsingur) has white flesh and comes in long fillets, ideal for easy home cooking. One of my favourite recipes is an infusion of polish influence (horseradish) and it goes fantastically with almost any vegetable that is in season.

200-300g hake (1 large fillet)
2-4 teaspoons (to taste) horseradish relish
1 cup whipped cream
salt and pepper

2 cups fish stock
150g sugarsnaps
1 pack baby corn
1 bunch baby carrots
1 small leek
1 crushed garlic clove
50 ml cream
50g cold butter
thyme for seasoning

Skin and cut the fillet in half. Fold the horseradish relish and cream together (don't stir, be gentle) and spread on one side of the fillet. Season well with salt and pepper and roll each fillet up so it looks like a rolled up mattress, with the horseradish cream in the middle.
Put fish stock in the bottom of the steamer, with baby carrots and baby corn. Crush garlic clove with the palm of your hand, place it in the fish stock and sprinkle with thyme. Bring to boil and let simmer for 5 minutes. Place hake rolls in the top section of the steamer and steam for 5 minutes (or until ready).
In a saucepan, melt butter and sauté sugarsnaps until tender. Generously sprinkle breadcrumbs over the sugarsnaps and let rest.
When the hake is ready, remove it from the steamer (along with the vegetables-throw the garlic away), add the cream to the stock and reduce well until it is a bit thicker. Stir in the cold butter just before serving.
Place sugarsnaps in the centre of the plate, arrange baby carrots and baby corn on top. Gently put the hake roll on top and drizzle everything with the sauce.

Serve with chilled white wine, fondant potatoes (see next recipe) and freshly baked bread (absolutely necessary to soak up all the lovely sauce on your plate)!
I cooked this for Kasia today, much to her delight and we hope that you will be able to enjoy it as much as we did.

Lítur frekar vel út hjá ykkur.
Kíki hérna reglulega til að ath. hvað þú ert að bralla.

kv. Óli

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