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Tequila, golden tequila

I have never been able to enjoy tequila, a drink -within my group of friends- much linked with Sveinbjörn "Bob the Builder" Sveinbjörnsson (one of my closest friends). The fact of the matter is that in Iceland, tequila is had in a specific manner, a generous portion of salt before drinking and a bite of a lemonslice after consumption.

However, while on vacation in Greece with Kasia, I was taught that the two distinctly different tequila kinds (golden and silver) require completely different drinking procedures. The silver one is accompanied by the aforementioned salt and lemon, giving a more bitter, astere taste. At our favorite beach bar, Rasta, our bartender -Stavros- (who used to work somewhere in Africa) invited me to a shot of tequila. I politely declined and said I do not like the taste of it. He responded by promising me free drinks for the rest of my stay if I did not like the way he drinks his tequila (and yes, of course he was drinking while working, otherwise it wouldn't be a proper beach bar). He served me a shot of tequila and then took a thick slice of an orange and dusted it with cinnamon powder and told me to try it. I slammed down the shot and ate the spiced orange and I must say that a more pleasant aftertaste I have seldom experienced. Amasing. Our bartender friendly explained (when questioned) that golden tequila requires a more delicate, southern hemisphere approach than the silver one.

Even Kasia, who never drinks strong spirits (and yes, she is from Poland), enjoyed this new way of enjoying a much misunderstood drink. I recommend that you go and try it, something different from the mass consumption culture of Iceland, try to enjoy a drink for the taste of it!

Clever little monkey:D

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